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Meter Readings

How to provide your meter reading:

Providing your reading on time avoids estimated bills, eliminates the need for arranging appointments and controls meter reading costs. Our personnel attempt to obtain a meter reading once a year.

Update Your History Any Time! If you happen to miss the deadline, you may call in your reading any time to update your usage history, but it may not be reflected on your bill until the next cycle.

We ask customers that have remote (outside) meters to continue reading their meter and returning a reading to us. Over 70 percent of our customers participate in the customer meter reading programs.

Safety First - Ask for Identification!

From time to time, customers tell us they have been approached either in person or on the phone by people who say they are ECWA employees. Although rare, impersonators have appeared at customers' doors and claim to be testing the water or reading the meter. If a person comes to your door claiming to be an ECWA employee, don't let him or her inside the house without asking for identification.

Our employees carry an ID card with their picture on it. Our meter readers also wear blue uniforms with an ECWA emblem.


ECWA vehicles are white with an emblem on the side. Also, if you receive a phone call and aren't sure if it actually came from us, call our office to verify the information you were given. We will be able to tell you if it was a hoax. You can contact our Customer Service department at 849-8484.

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