Erie County
Water Authority
Providing Water You Can Trust

      Emergencies (After 5pm): 716-684-0900 Customer Service/Emergencies (M-F 8 am - 5 pm): 716-849-8444

Where does you water go?

Shower5-10 gallons per minute
Tub Bath30 gallons full
Toilet Flush2-3 gallons
Brushing Teeth2 gallons (tap running)
Hand Washing2 gallons (tap running)
Shaving4 gallons (tap running)
Dish Washing20 gallons (tap running)
Dishwasher12 gallons (full cycle)
Clothes Washer30-60 gallons
Outdoor Watering5-10 gallons per minute

Average water use of ECWA customer

Average daily household water use: 230 gallons
Average annual household water use: 84,000 gallons
Average quarterly bill: $56.00


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